Latest News In August

Application of WSP4.0

WSP4.0 will be opened for application on 01.08.2021. At this time, employers can apply subsidy for employees’ salary more than RM4000, and they need to announce the application of WSP4.0 to their employees.

Payment of Government Subsidies

In August, some payments of government subsidies will be released, such as i-Citra, BKC and BPR (for appeal applicants).

Budget 2022 Malaysia

Budget 2022 is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament on 29.10.2021 and 12th Malaysia Plan will be tabled on 20.09.2021.

Continue Online Classes for Schools

Due to the Covid Pandemic, schools will be continued to hold online classes until 31.08.2021.

Bakul Prihatin Negara

Bakul Prihatin Negara will be held in Kelantan, Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Perak, Melacca & Terengganu in August. Under this programme, beneficiary can get RM100 for grocery purchase for 3 months.

Application Deadline of Programme Jaringan Prihatin

Program Jaringan Prihatin will be ended on 31.08.2021. Quickly apply it to get up to RM300 for mobile phone or data plan purchase.

Public are Allowed to Pay for Their Own Covid-19 Vaccine

In August, public will be able to pay for their own to join the immunisation programme at private clinic. The fee is estimated to be RM350, for interested individual can seek consultancy at nearby clinic.

Walk-in Vaccination for Senior Citizens

Walk-in vaccination for senior citizens will be started in mid of August. Public are advised to check with the PPV to confirm the services before they go.

Submission Deadline of Form B

Form B 2020 submission deadline is extended to 31.08.2021. Don’t forget to submit your Form B before the deadline if you have business income.

Public Holiday in August

👉10.08.2021: Awal Muharram (National)
👉24.08.2021: Melaka Governor’s Birthday (Melaka)
👉31.08.2021: Merdeka Day (National)

Submission Deadline

🎯15.08.2021: PCB (July salary)
🎯15.08.2021: SOCSO & EIS (July salary)
🎯15.08.2021: EPF (July salary)
🎯15.08.2021: CP204 (July payment) (Exempted for Tourism, Cinema & SPA)
🎯31.08.2021: SST (June-July 2021 payment)
🎯31.08.2021: Form B
🎯31.08.2021: Form P
🎯31.08.2021: Form C (Company financial year ended November 2020)