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Latest News In January 2022

Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM) Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM) is the government subsidies for B40 & M40 in 2022. Applications for BKM will open in January 2022.   Details of BKM: Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM) Application deadline of URUS Application deadline of URUS is on 31.01.2022. Apply it if you are facing difficulties. Tax Deduction Extended in [...]

Latest News In December

Application Deadline of Hiring Incentives 3.0 Application of Hiring Incentives 3.0 will be ended on 31.12.2021. Don’t missed the chance to get RM 600 monthly subsidies. Details of Hiring Incentives 3.0: Hiring Incentives3.0 (Penjana Kerjaya3.0) Ways to Apply Hiring Incentives 3.0: Ways to Apply Hiring Incentives 3.0 i-Citra Payment Released Payment of i-Citra in December [...]

Latest News In November

Malaysia Expected to Reopen Borders Malaysia may reopen its borders to international tourists in November, and the travelers from Singapore could be among the first to be allowed into the country. This decision will stimulate and recover economy Malaysia. Financial Management and Resilience Program (URUS) Association of Banks in Malaysia and AKPK have recently launched [...]

Latest News In October

BKP Payment Release For SOCSO and EPF contributors who are unemployed, you may receive RM500 subsidy from the government in October without any application needed. Status Checking for Pre-Register Automatic Voters The government will implement automatic voter registration and the voting age will be lowering to 18. For those who age above 18 and haven’t [...]

Latest News In September

Application Deadline of Programme Jaringan Prihatin Program Jaringan Prihatin is extended until 30.09.2021. Quickly apply it to get up to RM300 for mobile phone or data plan purchase. i-Citra Payment for September 2021 i-Citra Payment for September 2021 will be started from 01.09.2021. Recipients who didn’t have bank account may visit to the nearest branch [...]

Latest News In August

Application of WSP4.0 WSP4.0 will be opened for application on 01.08.2021. At this time, employers can apply subsidy for employees’ salary more than RM4000, and they need to announce the application of WSP4.0 to their employees. Payment of Government Subsidies In August, some payments of government subsidies will be released, such as i-Citra, BKC and [...]

Latest News In July

i-Citra Open for Application Under PEMULIH package, a new EPF withdrawal plan (i-Citra) will be opened for application on 15.07.2021. i-Citra allowed members to withdraw up to RM5000 savings, applicants need to have at least RM100 balance in Account 1. Application Deadline of WSP3.0 Under PEMERKASA+ package, WSP3.0 is opened for all sectors to apply [...]