Program JaminKerja FAQs

Program “JaminKerja” is the salary incentive provide by government for apprentices, fresh grad, the vulnerable groups, the unemployed, etc. Hiring each employee may get incentive up to RM36000!


17.01.2022 – 30.06.2022

  • Apprentice
  • General job seeker
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Female employees
  • Tourism related sectors
  • Replacing foreign employees/expats
  • Registered SOCSO before 01 January 2022.
  • Employers from public sectors, federal and state statutory bodies, local government are only eligible for the “apprentice” category.
  • Employers are required to pay wages together with SOCSO and EPF contribution on time.
  • Private employment agencies or outsourcing companies are not eligible.
  • If the company hires the employees directly (employees’ salary paid by company), and then outsources them to other companies, the company is eligible to apply.
  • Employees receiving Hiring Incentives 3.0
  • Non-Malaysian Citizen
  • Intern or student who haven’t graduated
  • Employees who leave voluntarily (unless unemployed for more than 2 months or unemployed for long-time period)
  • Hire employees with family relationships, including parents, spouses, siblings, children and other relatives
  • First 6 months of employment – Receive 20% of the employee’s gross salary (up to RM12,000)
  • Subsequent 6 months – Receive 40% of the employee’s gross salary (up to RM24,000)
  • Total subsidies amount: RM36,000

Incentives Amount for Different Categories: