Personal Income Tax Number

Income Tax Number Registration Steps

As a taxpayer, you must have an income tax number to pay taxes! If you don't have an income tax number, don't worry! It takes just four steps to complete your income tax number registration. Let's take a look at the registration steps! Registration Steps 1. Visit LHDN Website LHDN website: 2. Fill in the [...]

Steps to check Income Tax Number

Steps to check Income Tax Number are very simple. We have prepared the steps to check for the Income Tax Number. Once you know your income tax number, you can pay your taxes online Share it with your family and friends who need it! Steps to check Income Tax Number 1. Visit Website Visit website [...]

Steps to Apply e-Pin Online

Personal income tax filing starting from 01.03.2022. Via the LHDN website, you will be able to download your past tax returns, and update your personal/bank account information to the LHDN. For taxpayers who are filing their tax return for the first time, they need to apply for e-Pin before tax filing. We have prepared the [...]

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

According to the notice from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, the Tax Identification Number (TIN) has been officially implemented starting from 1st January 2022. Whether buying a car or properties in the name of an individual or a company, must have a TIN. Taxpayers who already have an income tax number do not need [...]