i-Saraan: EPF Project with 15% Special Incentives

Voluntary Contribution with Retirement Incentive (?-??????) allows EPF member who are self-employed to make voluntary contributions. And now, government are providing an additional 15% contribution for participants in this project.

FAQ for i-Saraan

It is an EPF retirement incentive that encourage self-employed to make voluntary contributions.

Contribute according to your own time and within your own financial ability

Enjoy tax relief up to RM6000

Receive additional special incentive of 15% subject to a maximum of RM250 annually

For example ,if your contribution is RM1,000, then RM1,000 × 15% = RM150, you will receive RM150 as special incentive.
If your contribution is RM2,000, although RM2,000 × 15% = RM300, you can only receive RM250 as it is the maximum incentive provided.

Self-employed individuals who are registered EPF member and ??? ??? ?? ????? ??????, includes the following:

  • Farmers/Fishermen/Taxi Drivers
  • Small Business Owners/Hawkers/Night Market Traders
  • Babysitters
  • Commission-receiving agents (e.g. insurance agents, real estate agents)
  • Freelancers (e.g. those who receive payment for services including deejays, singers, actors, fitness instructors, consultants)
  • Business Owners (sole proprietors/partners) involved in the trading of goods and services
  • Online Business Owners
  • Professionals with their own practice (e.g. accountants, doctors, lawyers)
  • Housewives
  • Via online (, or
  • Complete KWSP 16G(M) and KWSP 6A(2) form and submit to EPF counter.
    (Both forms are included in the pictures)

Maximum payment limit is RM60,000 per year

This incentive will be ended in year 2022.

The EPF will routinely make government contribution claims based on accumulated contribution for the first (January to June) and second (July to December) halves of the year.

The special contribution will be credited into your Account 1.