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Grant List in October

Here’s a collection of government grants still available in October 2021.

  1. WSP4.0
  2. Hiring Incentives 3.0
  3. BKC
  4. BSN Micro/i PEMERKASA
  5. SMERF
  6. TRRF
  7. Industry 4.0 Fund
  8. SME Digitalization Grant
  9. NADMA Death Condolences
  10. BKP


Take a look on the program that you haven’t applied yet and share it to your friends!

Further Details: WSP4.0

【Hiring Incentives 3.0】
Further Details: Hiring Incentives3.0

Further Details: COVID-19 Special Assistance (BKC)

Further Details:

【Industry 4.0 Fund】
Further Details:

【SME Digitalization Grant】
Further Details:

【NADMA Death Condolences】
Further Details:

For unemployed workers who submitted EPF and SOCSO before, you will receive a one-time RM500!