Form BE (2)

Personal income tax filing is now open! Do you know what type of tax you need to file on your income? If you have no business income and your income comes from other sources, you will need to file the Form BE.

FAQs about Form BE:

Form BE is income tax return for individual who only received employment income.

Taxpayers with no business income and income derived from other sources (rental, part-time jobs, royalties, etc.) need to file the Form BE.

You need to submit Form BE if you only have employment income and live in Malaysia over 182 days (Malaysia Tax Resident).

We suggest you to declare tax as long as you have source of income (i.e. employment income).

Yes, Form EA is a form that company provide employees to declare their salary details, employees need to submit Form BE / Form B in accordance with Form EA.

In the absence of other income, the total amount of PCB can be regarded as the final tax.

30.04.2022 (E-filing deadline is 15.05.2022)