Steps to Apply Hiring Incentives (Penjana Kerjaya)

What is Hiring Incentives / Penjana Kerjaya?

Hiring Incentives / Penjana Kerjaya aims to stimulate employers’ need and help local employees to increase their job opportunities. In this plan, employers will receive subsidies from RM600 until RM1000, up to 6 months long.


Implementation of Hiring Incentives / Penjana Kerjaya

Application starts from 1st July 2020, with following condition:


✅ Registered under SSM/ROS/ROB/PBT before 1st June 2020

✅ Registered under PERKESO before 1st June 2020

✅ At least 1 year contract with employees

✅ Register and submit PERKESO and SIP for new employees



✅ Not a ERP/WSP beneficiary

✅ Unemployed for at least 2 months (except MyApprentice applicants)

Types MyApprentice HireMalaysia
Interns OKU Aged under 40 Aged between 40 – 60 Vulnerable Groups
Subsidy amount RM 600 RM 1000 RM 800 RM 1000 RM 1000
Subsidy period Up to 6 months
Contract period At least 6 months At least 1 year
Salary condition NA Based on minimum wages 2020
Additional condition

– Employers and employees should register an account at MYFutureJobs website (

– Employees should be unemployed for at least 2 months【except for those who registered under SIP(except for those who resign themselves)】

– Employees who didn’t register at ASSIST should register a new ASSIST account

– Employers should submit PERKESO for employees

– Employers are not allowed to fire existing employers in purpose of receiving Hiring Incentives

Effective date The new employee should be hired from 15th June 2020 and the application will be started from 1st July 2020
Deadline 31st December 2020

Steps to Apply Hiring Incentives (Penjana Kerjaya)


step to apply hiring incentives

My Future Jobs

1.1 Visit My Future Job official website

sign in page

1.3 Fill in information required

fill information needed

1.2 Register a new account

registration page

1.4 Click ‘Send for approval’ to complete the application

send for approval

1.5 Once application succeed, you will receive an email

receive an email

Penjana Kerjaya

2.1 Visit Penjana Kerjaya official website

penjana kerjaya registration

2.2 Register a new account

Penjana Kerjaya create account

2.4 Add your company details into Penjana Kerjaya (Nombor Majikan is needed)

Penjana Kerjaya company details

2.6 Apply for Hiring Incentives

You may apply hiring incentives now by following the steps:

✅ Click ‘Tambah Pekerja Baru’ to add new employee

✅ Fill in the details of new employee (including I.C. number)

✅ Choose ‘mobility subsidies’ (If applicable)

✅ Click ‘Simpan’ to save the application

Kindly repeat the steps above for every further application.

2.3 Register a new account

Penjana Kerjaya submit

2.5 Add vacancy details into Penjana Kerjaya

Penjana Kerjaya vacancy

2.7 Choose a training programme if needed

Penjana Kerjaya select a programme


3. If the new employee doesn’t have an ASSIST account, you may require to apply a new account by filling the application form below and email to [email protected]

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