Every year tax payer will receive a CP500 from LHDN, do you know how to pay for it?


CP500 is the estimated payable income tax by government for self-employed persons/ tax payer who has business income. They have to make payment based on the schedule.

Tax payer who has business income and self-employed person

1. 30/03/2022
2. 30/05/2022
3. 30/07/2022
4. 30/09/2022
5. 30/11/2022
6. 30/01/2023
  • Tax Payer can pay the total amount during first instalment to avoid late payment.
  • Exempt for Micro & SMEs until Jun 2022 (terms & conditions apply).

Yes, taxpayers may submit the Form CP502 to revise their CP500 instalment before the deadline (30th June).

Taxpayers still need to pay the instalments (March and May), but no need to pay for the remaining instalments. Therefore, we suggest that taxpayers apply for revising their CP500 as soon as possible.

Yes, if the revised tax instalment (Form CP502) is 30% lower than the actual tax payable, the difference will be subjected to a penalty of 10%.

No, it will result in a 10% penalty on the total amount of income tax.

No, the total amount of CP500 provided is estimated based on the business income, not employment income, so the taxpayer still has to pay for instalments of CP500.

CP500 is based on the previous year’s income, so taxpayers will not receive the CP500 in the next year.

Payment can be made by bank, mail, online payment or through LHDN ByrHasil website.

There are 2 situations when CP500 is not received:
• No income tax is payable in advance.
• CP500 has sent to another address wrongly.
We recommend that taxpayers to contact the LHDN to find out if they issued the CP500. Also, taxpayers can obtain more information directly from LHDN to avoid the unnecessary penalty.