Commercial Renovation Tax Exemption

Started from 15.12.2021, Malaysia government launch Commercial Renovation and Refurbishment Tax Exemption for public. Commercial renovation and refurbishment between 01.03.2020 to 31.12.2021 can be tax exemption up to RM300,000! (Basically Renovation belongs to capital expenditure which are not allowed to tax reduction):
1. General electrical installation
2. Lighting
3. Gas system
4. Water system
5. Kitchen fittings
6. Sanitary fittings
7. Door, gate, window, grill and roller shutter
8. Fixed partitions
9. Flooring (including carpets)
10. Wall covering (including paint work)
11. False ceiling and cornices
12. Ornamental features or decorations excluding fine art
13. Canopy or awning
14. Fitting Room or changing room
15. Recreational room for employee
16. Air-conditioning system
17. Children play area
18. Reception area
19. Surau
These fees are not allowed to tax exemption
1. Designer fee
2. Professional fee
3. Purchase of antique (purchase of an object or work of art which , represents a previous era in human society, is a collatable item due to its age, rarity, craftmanship or other unique features and appreciates in value over time)