Steps to Apply e-Pin Online

Personal income tax filing starting from 01.03.2022. Via the LHDN website, you will be able to download your past tax returns, and update your personal/bank account information to the LHDN.

For taxpayers who are filing their tax return for the first time, they need to apply for e-Pin before tax filing.

We have prepared the steps to obtain an e-Pin number online for you.


Application Steps

1. Visit LHDN Website

2. Select the Application Type

  • Click “e-Filing PIN Number Application” on the left
  • Download Form CP55D
  • If there is any changes in mailing address or other information, please download and fill in Form CP600B
  • Note: If you have not yet applied for an income tax number, you need to register before filling in the form. Registration website:
  • After downloading “Form CP55D”, click “Next”

3. Fill in the Information

4. Submit Application

  • Record the reference number
  • You can use the reference number to log in to the homepage to check the application progress
  • You will get the application result around 7 working days after the application

5. Visit website

6. Fill in the Pin Number and IC Number

  • Fill in the Pin Number and IC Number
  • After completion, you can log in to your account to file personal tax online

7. Appendix

e-Pin Number Online Application