Could I run my business during this period?

All public & private premises must be closed during these 14 days except those involved in the “Essential Services” for the country.

“Essential Services” as mentioned in the “Soalan-Soalan Lazim (FAQ) Berhubung Isu-Isu COVID-19 Di Tempat Kerja” included:

(i) Water
(ii) Electricity
(iii) Tenaga
(iv) Telecommunication
(v) Postal
(vi) Transport
(vii) Irrigation
(viii) Oil
(ix) Gas
(x) Fuel
(xi) Lubricants
(xii) Broadcasting
(xiii) Finance
(xiv) Banking
(xv) Health
(xvi) Pharmacy
(xvii) Fire
(xviii) Prison
(xix) Port
(xx) Airport
(xxi) Safety
(xxii) Defence
(xxiii) Cleaning
(xxiv) Retail
(xxv) Food Suply