Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ): COVID-19 and the Workplace


Can employees work from home?

Yes. Employers can request employees to work from home if it’s practical.

Can employers force employees to take unpaid leave/ annual leave?

No. Employers should not force employees to apply unpaid leave/ annual leave during the Movement Control Order.

Could I run my business during this period?

All public & private premises must be closed during these 14 days except those involved in the “Essential Services” for the country.

“Essential Services” as mentioned in the “Soalan-Soalan Lazim (FAQ) Berhubung Isu-Isu COVID-19 Di Tempat Kerja” included:

(i) Water
(ii) Electricity
(iii) Tenaga
(iv) Telecommunication
(v) Postal
(vi) Transport
(vii) Irrigation
(viii) Oil
(ix) Gas
(x) Fuel
(xi) Lubricants
(xii) Broadcasting
(xiii) Finance
(xiv) Banking
(xv) Health
(xvi) Pharmacy
(xvii) Fire
(xviii) Prison
(xix) Port
(xx) Airport
(xxi) Safety
(xxii) Defence
(xxiii) Cleaning
(xxiv) Retail
(xxv) Food Suply

Should employers pay their employees during this period?

Yes. According to the guideline from Ministry of Human Resources, employers should continue making full salary payment to their employees regardless they’re working or not during this period.

Should employers still pay allowances to employees during this period?

Yes. Fixed allowances should be paid with full salary to employees regardless they’re working or not.

What is “The Movement Control Order”?

It’s a Restriction of Movement Order announced on 16th March 2020 and effective from 18th March 2020 until 31st March 2020 (14 days).

For full information, please refer to the “SOALAN-SOALAN LAZIM (FAQ) BERHUBUNG ISU-ISU COVID-19 DI TEMPAT KERJA” or contact Ministry of Human Resources.